From 25.10.1993 to 29.11.1993

National Gallery - Central Building

Modern Greek Art is represented by a number of eminent creative artists who, inspired by daily life and nature, have rendered palpable the quintessential Greek light and captured the glitter of limpid waters surrounding their land.

Age-old traditions have provided another source of inspiration for these remarkable artists, whose visions have explored the realm of ideas, reinterpreting mythology through sublime symbolic or allegorical representations.

The Bank of Greece, well aware of its mission in both the economic and the cultural field, decided early on to establish a collection of art designed to promote and enhance human values. To that end it has become the owner of numerous paintings, sculptures and engravings, a nucleus of works which spans the history of Modern Greek art. In order to showcase these excellent pieces which, although hitherto unknown, are of great educational value, and in the hope that they will inspire the sensibility of the public and lead to greater artistic appreciation, the Bank of Greece has decided to exhibit them at the National Gallery of Greece. In addition, the works will be rendered more accessible to study through the concomitant publication of this album.

The Bank of Greece firmly believes that by means of this two-fold presentation to the public, in which the collection is being opened to assessment by scientific research and art criticism, it is making a contribution which will fill the gaps in documentation which abound in domestic art history. As for the actual subjects of the paintings, the collection will enrich our memory with visual representations of historic events, whereas the towns and the monuments depicted in these works will help us preserve the cultural heritage of a glorious past.

Efthymios N. Christodoulou
Governor Bank of Greece
(extract of the Statement in the book)


Dr. Nelli Missirli
Curator, National Gallery