From 19.02.1997 to 30.03.1997

National Gallery - Central Building


The Vladimir Velickovic exhibition at the National Gallery is the recognition and vindication of an artistic choice for Thessaloniki Cultural Capital of Europe 1997. Vladimir Velickovic is one of the leading contemporary artists of Europe, of Yugoslav origin. He was born in 1935 in Belgrade and since 1966 lives and works in Paris. His work joins the destiny of man and of our world, a painful experience, that is poured on the drama of the image. His paintings capture and simultaneously subsume the social dimension of the problems posed to the current reality. Images scaring and threatening. The black color dominates the color of the night and the nightmare, the color of death and nowhere. There are only some sudden flashes red, the warm blooded human body that tears the injustice of the world but also resists.
Vladimir Velickovich himself apprenticed to the project. He is inspired by: Durer, Rembrant, Leonardo da Vinci.
Although the oils and drawings displayed in Athens, are only part of his creative course of the last decade, they convince us both for his ideological and stylistic concerns, as for the obtain of a personal, unique writing.
Sophia Kazazis – February 1997

Sophia Kazazis
Anastasia Makridou
Dr. Lina Tsikouta-Deimezi- Curator of the National Gallery