From 22.06.1999 to 19.09.1999

National Gallery - Central Building

Original, exciting and significant in many ways, the work of Vlassis Kaniaris has a special place in the history of the European avant-garde, which bears the artist’s personal mark.

Vlassis Kaniaris acts as an eye-witness of history, a witness of great social and political sensitivity. His art can be considered as militant avant-garde, and this by no means reduces its artistic value.

Vlassis Kaniaris is regarded as a precursor of styles which became very prominent in the European art scene, such as Arte Povera. His contribution to the history of European art is that, at a time when semiology prevailed as a hermeneutical tool, he used it in his idiom as an artist in order to reveal, to illuminate and comment, to criticise and condemn the great political and social traumas of our times. The retrospective exhibition of Vlassis Kaniaris at the National Gallery provided an opportunity to revisit the turning points of the artist’s career and to assess his contribution to contemporary art as well as to a raising of awareness of current issues.

Exhibition Curator: Dr. Anna Kafetsi, Curator at the National Gallery of Greece

Sponsor: Zacharias G. Portalakis BROKERAGE FIRM S.A.
Communication sponsor: SKAI