He took his first lessons in painting and lithography from Othon Pervolarakis. He then studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts under Dimitrios Biskinis and Umvertos Argyros.

In 1958, having been held a political prisoner since 1945, he sent his works to the Youth Salon of the Zygos gallery where in 1961 his first solo exhibition was presented. This was followed by other solo and group exhibitions both inside and outside Greece where he received honorary distinctions. During the period 1961-1967 he taught graphic arts at the Vakalo School and in 1969 he founded the Ora Artistic and Cultural Center.

In his painting, done with oil, he makes unities consisting of machines, interiors, prisons and political prisoners, based on his personal experiences and done in the spirit of critical realism. At the same time, he cultivated water color extensively, depicting landscapes which suggest a poetic atmosphere. In the framework of his broader activity, he was involved with decoration, the graphic arts, lithography, advertising and book illustration and he also published articles dealing with art in the newspapers and magazines.