He studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1965-1970) under Yannis Pappas and pottery as well as sculpture at West Surrey College (1974-1975), UK. He went on to Paris to study sculpture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts (1975-1977) under Cesar and pottery at the School of Decorative Arts.

He has made solo exhibitions of his work and has participated in group exhibitions, including Panhellenic exhibitions, exhibitions of the Association of Sculptors, the “Balkan Sculpture Exhibition” in Bucharest (1981), where he received a distinction, and the Budapest Biennale (1988).

Using stone, limestone, concrete, marble, bronze, aluminum, iron and steel, and with the human figure as his point of reference, Giorgos Chouliaras began by producing works, in which stylization and the reference to folk art play a decisive role. His inclination to stylize evolved into semi-or full abstract compositions, enhanced through light and the manipulation of the tactile qualities and colour of his materials. Mainly abstract, the works he has produced in collaboration with architects for private and commercial interiors are an important part of his production.