During the period 1952-1958 she studied painting at the studio of Kostas Iliadis, where she then taught as his assistant, broadening her artistic education with trips to the countries of Europe and America.

In 1960 she organized her first solo exhibition at Nees Morfes gallery; she had already begun to exhibit in 1957. These appearances were followed by solo, Panhellenies and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, among which were the Biennales of Alexandria in 1967 and Sao Paolo in 1989, as well as participation in the exhibitions of the group Processes-Systems, of which she was a founding member.

After her early works, produced in the context of abstract expressionism, she proceeded on to three-dimensional compositions made of plexiglass and introduced the concept of rhythm, mathematical logic and the use of the computer, with the assistance of which she gave form to abstract concepts. Also making use of material and technological means and, employing the Fibonacci system as the basis of her work, she created serial compositions, while in the final stage of her work, she returned to gestural, expressionistic forms of expression, at the same time organizing installations in space.