He studied with a state scholarship at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1953-1958) in the workshop of Yannis Kefallinos and later under Yannis Moralis. Again on a state scholarship, he continued his studies in Paris (1960-1964) at the School of Fine Arts, the School of Decorative Arts and the Estienne School. He is Director of Studies at the Vakalo School where he has taught since 1966. In 1959 he took part in the Biennale of Young Artists in Paris, in 1970 the Alexandria Biennale, where he received 2nd prize, and in 1975 the Sao Paolo Biennale. He has had solo shows (Zygos 1964, Hilton 1970, Nees Morfes, 1988, Agathi 1992) and has taken part in many group shows in Greece and abroad.

His work, the unity called City in particular, is based on schematized, tectonically constructed wholes and presents the contemporary landscape of large cities in terms of social criticism, while he has also created compositions with a more naturalistic feel and containing a metaphysical dimension.