He studied at the Berlin College of Fine Arts with Paul Dierkes (1961-1966). During his stay in the capital city of Germany, he had his own studio; he was also member of the Professional Association of Berlin Artists. From 1975, when he settled in Thessaloniki, he became very active; among other things, he was founding member of the Association of Visual Arts Artists of Northern Greece.

His work has been presented in Greece and internationally, in solo and group exhibitions, including solo exhibitions at the Vafopouleio Cultural Centre in Thessaloniki (1985), the Pierides Gallery in Athens (1988) and the International Festival of Patras (1990); he also participated in the Panhellenic exhibition (1987) and the International Meeting of Sculptors in Caen, France (1991).

Kyriakos Kambadakis’s sculpture revolves around the human figure, which attains symbolic status through works of characteristic titles, such as “Solitude”, “Torso”, “Nike”, “Icarus-Leap”, “Nascencies”. Mostly in wood or bronze, and less often in stone or marble, initially rather static and vividly animated later on, the human figure is subjected to a process of abstraction and expressionistic distortion, diversely manifesting the artist’s existential anxiety.