He studied engraving and painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (1952-1958) under Yannis Kefallinos and Yannis Moralis respectively. On a scholarship from the State Scholarship Service he continued his studies at the Paris School of Fine Arts (1962-1966), doing woodcuts under R. Cami and lithography under E. Clairin. At the same time he specialized in the art of the book at the Estienne School.

He started to exhibit in 1960, participating in a Panhellenio, and his first solo exhibition of engraving was also held then, at the Zygos gallery. These were followed by solo, group and international exhibitions of painting and engraving, such as the Alexandria Biennales of 1961 and 1965 and the Biennales of Sao Paolo in 1965, and Paris in 1965, 1967 and 1969 as well as many others. He has also won many Greek and international awards for his engraving.

In the framework of his broader artistic activity he has been involved with book, calendar and Greek and Cypriot stamp design, as well as book illustration. He served as director of the Doxiadis School (1971-1976), advisor to Aspioti-Elka (1986-1988) and advisor to the Society of Greek Typographic Principles while since 1978 he has been a professor at the Higher School of Graphic Arts at the Technological Educational Foundations in Athens. For many years he was also responsible for the artistic supervision of the editions of the National Bank. He designed two large tapestries for the Hellenic Canadian Trust Bank in Montreal (1972) and the Atlantic Bank in New York (1974) as well as two large works in marble and bronze for the branch of the National Bank of Greece in Frankfurt, Germany.

His work, both painting and engraving, includes landscapes and scenes from everyday life, which are rendered realistically with a particular emphasis on the role of light and color. At the same time, he has made compositions which are faithful to the tenets of abstract expressionism and geometric abstraction, and he has experimented with materials in a variety of combinations.