Of Cypriot origin, he studied in Alexandria, at the Italian Don Bosco Technical School with A. Giannoti. His work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions, including Cyprus national exhibitions, the 1970 Alexandria Biennale, in which he won the second prize for sculpture, Greek national exhibitions as well as the contemporary Greek sculpture exhibition “La Sculpture Grecque Contemporaine” in Paris (1991).

Seeking to voice his protest for the dramatic events in Cyprus, Dimitris Konstantinou’s fleeting preoccupation with the depiction of the human figure was based on expressionistic distortion. The introduction of movement became one of his main pursuits in his work. From around 1970, he began to use modular geometric elements and to create sculptural constructions, in which the spectator interacts through touch in transforming the plastic image. His interest subsequently shifted towards combining and developing geometric shapes as well as enhancing his compositions through the use of the void. Rhythmic patterns, simplicity, the harmonious unfolding of volumes, plasticity and architectural organisation are some of the most prominent characteristics in his oeuvre.