A member of the Greek community, he originally studied painting in Vienna and then at the Academy of Venice. In 1873 he took part in the International Exhibition of Vienna where he won a distinction, and in 1878 he participated in the World Exhibition of Paris, showing two works. In 1882, in Vienna, he donated a “Virgin Mary” by an Italian painter to the Athens School of Fine Arts. He was the first president of the Association of the Fine Arts, in the foundation of which he played a leading role (1882). He was a member of the critical committee for the competition announced in 1883 by the University of Athens for the construction of a statue of Gladstone and the same year, on commission, he painted the “Portrait of Professor P. Grigoriadis” for the University.

A painter from the first years after the Greek War of Independence, he did mainly portraits, following academic models, but also did copies of the works of Italian artists.