He studied painting at the School of Arts (1874-1880) under Nikephoros Lytras. At the end of his studies he taught art technique at public schools. He started to exhibit very early and took part in the Olympia Exhibition of 1875; he continued to participate in various group exhibitions such as the Panhellenic Artistic Exhibition of 1888, the Artistic Exhibition of Athens in 1899, the exhibition at City Hall in 1902 and the International Exhibition at Athens in 1903.

In his early works his interest was focused on genre scenes in which he adopted the style of Lytras. Later, following the trend of the times, he turned to the depiction of landscape and liberated himself from the influence of his teacher, rendering it with great freedom. He made an important contribution to this sector because his compositions, which depict the environs of Athens, bear witness to the landscape of the period. His artistic activity also included the wall paintings for the church of Christokopidis in Athens while in the context of his involvement with wood carving he worked in the 1880s with the Greek magazines Ποικίλη Στοά (Poikili Stoa) and Εστία (Estia).