He spent his childhood and adolescence in Yugoslavia and returned to Greece in 1938. He became involved with painting in 1936, but without taking any formal lessons. In 1947 he went to Italy and a year later to Switzerland, where he studied at the Gewerbeschule in Basil. Then he went to London where he attended lessons at the Slade School of Fine Arts and the Central School of Fine Arts. During the period 1953-1954 he lived in Germany and in 1954 settled in Paris, where he lives and works. He was a coordinator of the group La Ligne et le Signe and organizer of a group of architects and painters for cooperative endeavors. Also involved with art on a theoretical level, he has published many articles and reviews in the Greek and foreign press.

In 1951, while still in London, he took part in a group exhibition for the first time. This was followed by solo shows and other important group exhibitions, both in Greece and abroad.

Starting off with figurative painting done in an expressionistic style, he quickly moved on to abstract expressionism, creating works in which large color surfaces are dominant, but his more recent works, while still reflecting the fundamentals of abstraction, once more contain figurative elements