He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts (1948-1950) under Yannis Moralis and mathematics at the University of Athens. In 1965 he was elected lecturer at the School of Architecture of the National Technical University. During the period 1973-1974, on a grant from the Ford Foundation, he worked at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies at MIT, investigating the relationships between art and mathematical conception. In 1981 he wrote his doctoral dissertation on the subject of, “Γεωμετρικοί μετασχηματισμοί και μορφή” (“Geometric Transformations and Form”), while in 1991 he became director and then, in 1995, professor at the Division of Architectural Language, Communication and Design of the Architecture Department of the National Technical University.

One of the founding members of the group Processes-Systems, he started exhibiting in 1957 and this now includes solo shows and participation in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, among which was the Europalia in Brussels in 1982.

Adopting expressionist models at the beginning of his creative career, he then went on to abstract compositions based on both complex and simple geometric shapes. At the same time, interested on a theoretical and practical level in the introduction of mathematical elements into art, he created in 1963 the first mobiles in Greece while later, broadening his research, he introduced computers into his work, publishing at the same time related articles and studies in various magazines.